Salamandra studio is an architecture and design studio, with 14 years of project design and project implementation experience, led by Yaroslav Salamandra and Katerina Salamandra.

We specialize in designing interiors and private houses. We create modern interiors and architectural objects, endowed with aesthetics and comfort.

We develop individual projects which reflect their owners’ tastes and desires. However, there is a part of us in each project. As experts in architecture and design, we transform your wishes into aesthetic and comfortable objects, based on our principles of design and vision of beauty, formed by years of practice. That is why one of the main steps in choosing Your studio is to familiarize yourself with our completed works and understand whether you are ready to embark on a journey to create the object of your dream with us!

We develop and implement the best projects so that you can enjoy unique space!
  • Yaroslav Salamandra
    Co-founder of the studio, architect
    Yaroslav graduated from an architectural college in Moscow and then Moscow Architectural Institute (MArhI). From 2008 he worked for architectural companies dealing with the design and construction supervision of a wide range of residential and commercial objects of different scales: from residential apartments and private homes to multifunctional complexes with parking lots, warehouses, offices, and restaurants. In 2014 Yaroslav and Katerina founded their own studio of interior design and architecture and started to develop and implement their own projects
  • Katerina Salamandra
    Co-founder of the studio, interior designer
    Katerina studied at the Moscow Architectural Institute’s Higher School of Environmental Design. However, she didn’t take up interior design from the start. Initially, she had received an economist education (GGU) and had worked as a real estate market analyst. Over her 10 years of work as an interior designer, she hasn’t once regretted the career change, and she designs and implements interiors with great interest.

Basic principles of work:

    How comfortable a person feels themselves in the space of their home depends to a great extent on the interior planning, volumetric and spatial solutions, as well as predicting the possible scenarios of a person’s life.
    Simple and clear solutions are the basis of any good project. It is these solutions that allow us to create concise spaces, which are pleasant to be in and are convenient to use
    The space around us should please the eye and give emotional delight. Volumes, light, colors, materials, textures and surfaces are the very tools we use to achieve aesthetics.
    Our ultimate professional goal is to implement our projects in life. In order for a project to become a reality, you need appropriate experience, understanding of project budgets, and much more.

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