Interior design

A design project is not just a set of beautiful pictures. First and foremost, it is a package of documents needed to implement any construction object.

Interior design is not an element of luxury. A thoroughly thought out design project saves the time, money, and nerves of the clients. An experienced designer can help you plan the space effectively, suggest appropriate stylistic and volumetric solutions, and prepare the materials necessary for the project implementation.

Description of projects:

We offer a variety of projects, just choose yours!

  • discussion of the technical assignmentсоздание вариантов планировочного решения
  • creation of layout solutions
  • preparation of a set of drawings
Design time - 10+ working days
  • discussion of the technical assignment
  • creation of layout solutions
  • creation of a sketch 3D model
  • preparation of a stylistic concept (collages)
  • preparation of a set of drawings
  • calculation of the area of finishing materials
  • design of custom furniture sketches (overall dimensions)
Design time - 25+ working days.

Additionally to the project, you can order the selection of finishing materials and furniture.

See the “ESTIMATE” section.

  • discussion of the technical assignment
  • creation of layout solutions
  • creation of a sketch 3D model
  • preparation of a stylistic concept (collages)
  • creation of photorealistic 3D visualization of the premises
  • preparation of a set of drawings
  • calculation of the area of finishing materials
  • design of custom furniture sketches (overall dimensions)
Design time - 40+ working days.

Additionally to the project, you can order the selection of finishing materials and furniture.

See the “ESTIMATE” section.

  • selection of finishing materials
  • selection of doors and sliding partitions
  • selection of finishing plumbing equipment
  • selection of lighting fixtures
  • selection of finishing electric equipment (outlets, switches)
  • selection of factory furniture
  • design of custom furniture sketches (detailed information)
Stage completion time - 10+ working days.
The selection of elements is carried out depending on the project’s budget. The minimum equipment budget for an object is estimated at $1,000+/m2.
This stage is only carried out on the basis of a stylistic concept.

You can clarify the cost of the project for your object through the feedback form at the bottom of the page.

How we work ?
Below you can find project stage descriptions
(on the example of the “INTERIOR”+”ESTIMATE”project)
Before we start working on the project, it’s important to talk over the details of our cooperation and answer all the questions you might have. This could be done via the phone, a video conference , or an in-person meeting.
Technical assignment formation
After the introduction, we form a detailed technical assignment (TA), in which we will specify all your wishes and requirements for the design project: colors and materials you prefer, functional zones you need to obtain, the composition of furniture and equipment for the areas planned, and much more… In addition to the text part, we will also select images of interiors that you like, and prepare a site survey plan, based on which the work on the layout solution will be carried out.

(The text part of the TA is drawn up on a pre-prepared form, which we can send to you by email)

Next, the formed TA is discussed in detail, and necessary corrections and additions are made. The project work will be carried out based on the final TA file.
On-site measurements and contract conclusion
After your approval of the TA file, we come to the project site for detailed measurements and photographic documentation. On the day of the measurement conduct, we sign the contract.

On-site visits are possible for Moscow (MO) and Israel. For projects in other regions, on-site visits and measurement conduct are discussed separately.
Layout solution
After taking measurements, we move on to the first design stage - the layout solution, at which we work out options for the placement of rooms, functional zones, furniture and equipment elements.
Sketch 3D model
On the basis of the chosen layout solution we create a sketch 3D model, where we work out volumetric and spatial interior solutions, form the zones of basic materials and surfaces, and also work on the design of carcass furniture.
Stylistic solution
Along with the sketch 3D model, we develop the stylistic concept of the interior, presented in a form of collages for each area. The collages illustrate samples of finishing material textures, main elements of factory furniture, lighting and decor.
Photorealistic 3D visualization
At this stage, apart from producing high-quality images, we give the interior its final touches: add decorative elements and furnishings, work with lighting and materials, colors and textures, to achieve the best possible result!
Set of drawings
Once the visualizations are approved, we go on to developing a set of working drawings, including:
- the drawing list;
- the layout solution;
- the layout solution with dimensions;
- the measurement plan;
- the demolishing plan;
- the masonry plan;
- the plumbing plan;
- the installation plan (indicating door structures). The doorway schedule;
- the floor plan;
- the underfloor heating plan;
- the ceiling plan;
- the lighting plan;
- the plan for placement and interaction of light fixtures and switches;
- the electrical and low voltage equipment plan;
- the wall elevation plan (tile layout, molding, decorative elements);
- joints and sections.

A set of drawings individually depends on the project characteristics!.
Finishing schedule
The schedule is formatted in a table of estimated surface areas of all types of finishing materials.
At this stage, only the type of finishing is determined. The materials are selected at the “ESTIMATE” stage.
Custom furniture sketches
For all custom furniture, we make 3D sketches with basic dimensions and notes on colors, materials, opening systems, and built-in appliances.
Full selection (“ESTIMATE”)
Based on the stylistic concept, we select interior components including:
- finishing materials (floor, wall, and ceiling coverings, baseboards, cornices, moldings, and other decorative elements, if necessary);
- finishing electrical equipment (light fixtures, outlets, switches);
- finishing plumbing equipment (mixers, shower systems, hygienic showers, sinks, toilets, bathtubs, shower trays (including elements of glass fences), kitchen sinks);
- doors (including sliding partitions, entrance doors);
- factory-made furniture;
- decor elements (if necessary).

The selected elements are compiled in a detailed schedule including all the necessary information on each item:
- a photo, a manufacturer, an SKU (Stock Keeping Unit), a model, dimensions, an estimated cost, a link to the store’s website.
Now you are ready to start the renovation!
After all the project solutions have been approved, we are ready to print out all the project materials, including the following booklets:
- a set of drawings;
- a material and furniture schedule;
- built-in furniture sketches;
- photorealistic 3D visualization.
We are ready to provide support of the construction process . Read more about the author's supervision and equipment below.

Construction support

(architectural supervision and equipment)

Construction supervision by a designer is an integral part of a successful implementation of the project with the minimum deviations from the budget, deadlines and final visual result. The designer on-site is the main linkage of all the interior design processes: repair work, installation of engineering communications and electrical systems, finishing work, and creation of custom-made built-in furniture. How successfully all these elements will eventually come together depends on the designer!

Construction supervision includes:
  • Regular on-site visits and monitoring of the compliance of repair and construction work with the design project.
  • Preparation of a report to the client on any deviations from the design project identified during the repair and construction process. Coordination with the client and the contractor of the timing for the elimination of the deviations identified, as well as monitoring of their timely and quality elimination.
  • Consultations and clarifications on the design project for the client and contractors - third parties performing work on the implementation of the design project.
  • Introduction, in the order stipulated, of additions and changes to the design project in accordance with the client’s requirements.
  • Drawing up a schedule of purchasing goods included in the design project (finishing materials, doors, furniture,finishing plumbing equipment, lighting fixtures).
  • Search for suppliers and order of finishing materials, doors, furniture, finishing plumbing equipment, lighting fixtures, required for the implementation of the design project.


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