Architectural design

An architectural project as a competent investment in your real estate.

In addition to helping to create the best living conditions for people on the area given, determine functionality and layout of the premises, select volumetric and stylistic solutions corresponding to the client’s requirements, an architectural project can also become a wise property investment, since quality architecture does not lose but grow in value over the years!

An architectural project allows you to build a home that meets all your needs, taking into account the specific features of the site. The set, location and interconnection of the premises eventually create the comfort of living in your home.

An architectural project is not a mere set of images. Actually, It is a set of documents, based on which the implementation of any construction object is conducted.

An architectural project is not a luxury item. It is a necessary tool which structures the process of the implementation of an architectural object into a clear plan with a set of specific elements.

Description of projects:

We develop architectural projects in several stages:

Sketch project
  • discussion of the technical assignment
  • options for planning solutions
  • a sketch 3D model (including the selection of types of materials for facade finishing)
  • a set of drawings (a general plan, floor plans,sections, facades)
  • photorealistic visualization
Project time - 15+ working days
You can clarify the cost of the project for your object through the feedback form at the bottom of the page.
How we work?
Below you can find descriptions of project stages.
Before we start working on the project, it’s important to talk over the details of our cooperation and answer all the questions you might have. This could be done via the phone, a video conference , or an in-person meeting
Formation of the technical assignment
After the introduction, we form a detailed technical assignment (TA)in which we specify all your wishes and requirements regarding the development of the architectural project: the composition of the premises and their approximate areas, the number of floors, expected construction and structure materials, preferable colors and material for the facade finishing, and more… In addition to the text part, we select images of architectural objects that you like, as well as prepare the information about the site based on which the project work will be carried out.

(The text part of the TA is drawn up on a pre-prepared form, which can be sent to your by email)

After the TA has been formed, we discuss it in detail and make corrections and additions to the TA file, if needed. Eventually, we receive the final TA file, based on which the project work will be carried out.
Measurements and signing the contract
After the final TA file is approved by you, we arrive at the project site for detailed measurements and photo documentation. The contract is signed on the day of conducting the measurements.

On-site visits are possible for Moscow (MO) and Israel. For projects in other regions, we can either discuss the possibility of our visits, or assist in arranging measurements through local organizations.
Layout solution (Sketch design)
The first stage of the project is the design of floor plans and placement of the building on the site. When developing layout solutions, we take into account the client’s wishes, the terrain features of the site, the orientation and climatic characteristics of the territory.
Sketch 3d model (Sketch design)
After the client’s approval of the layout solutions, we go on to create a sketch 3D model, where we work out the building’s volume, facade solutions, and propose types of materials for facade finishing.
3D visualization (Sketch design)
At this stage, based on the sketch 3D model, we work out photorealistic 3D visualization of the building’s exteriors, with the account of the facade finishing materials selected. It is also possible to work out possible scenarios for the building’s night lighting.
Architectural solutions (AS)
AS is a developed continuation of the sketch design. At this stage we develop the basic working drawings of the building, carrying detailed floor plans and sections of the building, facade elements, and junctions of the structures.
Construction solutions (CS)
This stage can be carried out in parallel with the AS stage. The CS is a stage at which all the construction solutions under the project, such as the type of the foundation, cross section of beams and columns, are developed.
Engineering systems
This final project stage includes the development of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems; water supply and sewerage systems; electrical equipment and low-voltage networks.
Now you are ready to start the construction!
During construction, we are ready to provide supervision.
Read more about the author's supervision and equipment below.

Construction supervision

(architectural supervision)

Architectural supervision of the construction is an integral part of a successful implementation of the project with a view of minimum deviations from the budget, deadlines and the final visual result. An architect on the construction site is the key link of all the processes of the creation of an architectural object: from construction work, installation of engineering communications and electrical wiring to facade finishing. How successfully all these elements will eventually fit together depends on the project architect.

We are ready to provide architectural supervision of the construction process in order to achieve the best result possible.

Architectural supervision of the construction includes:
  • Regular visits to the construction site and verification of the compliance of the construction work performed with the project.
  • Preparation of reports for the client on the deviations from the project, identified during the construction work. Agreeing with the client on the timing of the elimination of the deviations found, as well as monitoring their timely and quality elimination
  • Providing consultations and explanations on the project for the client and third-party subcontractors, involved in the implementation of the project.
  • In agreement with the client, making additions and changes to the project in the order stipulated.
  • Searching for supplies and ordering the project finishing materials for facades, roofs, doors and windows, necessary for the implementation of the project.

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